Top TV Shows set in New York

New York has been a TV set for numerous movies and TV shows. Many places in NYC have become attractions only because people saw them in TV production. Let’s see which are the most famous TV shows set in the city:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an American comedy TV series about Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct. The main characters are the detectives from the Precinct and their captain. The best NYPD detective in the show is Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg. In 2014 he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – TV Series – Musical or Comedy for the role of Jake Peralta. In the same year, the show won the Golden Globe Award for Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy. The last season aired in April 2020.

The 99th Precinct from the show is made-up but its building actually exists in Brooklyn. It is the building of Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct and its location is at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street near the Barclays Center.

A curious fact about the show is that the actors had to go through professional police training. The show’s creators wanted the actors to look authentic when playing the role of detectives. They even received a special gun training.

Will and Grace

“Will and Grace” is an American comedy TV series set in New York. The plot is about the friendship between the gay lawyer Will Truman, the interior designer Grace Adler, her assistant Karen Walker, and Jack McFarland – a close college friend of Will’s.

The action takes place in New York, although Will’s apartment is actually located in Los Angeles. The exterior of the apartment is in New York – a building located on 155 Riverside Drive. Another significant place from the show which is actually in New York is the Puck Building. There is Grace’s design studio. Its address is 295 Lafayette Street.


“Suits” is an American drama TV series. It tells the story of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. Mike, a college dropout, starts to work as a law associate in a law firm (Pearson Specter) owned by Harvey Specter. The series shows how they close different cases. Other main characters are Louis Litt (a partner of Harvey’s), Rachel Zane (a senior paralegal), and Jessica Pearson (a managing partner of Pearson Specter).

“Suits” is set in New York. Most of the scenes are shot in the fictional law firm Pearson Specter. Although we can see many signs of New York City in the series, it is actually shot in Toronto. The firm offices are placed in the skyscraper named Bay Adelaide West – a part of the Bay Adelaide Center.


“Friends” is the most famous American comedy series set in New York. The plot is about the friendship between six people – Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel. The show has won many awards over the years and people continue to watch it even today – 16 years after the final episode aired.

Most of the scenes were shot in the “Central Perk” café, in Rachel and Monica’s apartment, and in Joey and Chandler’s apartment – all located in the same building. The interior scenes were shot in a studio in LA, so, unfortunately, “Central Perk” is not a real café. But the building where it is placed in the series exists. Its address is 90 Bedford Street and it is known as the “Friends” building.

The action of a lot of TV shows is in New York. However, NYC is famous for Broadway, and its shows as well. Check out the best-dressed characters and the most intriguing real-life stories!