Three organizations benefiting the audience on Broadway

Broadway is a place for everyone! And the theaters and theater groups do their best to provide plays for people of all ages, including teens and younger kids. However, not everyone has the financial abilities to visit a show. That is why several organizations have taken up the task to provide them the opportunity to visit their favorite shows. Here we’ve gathered three organizations benefiting the audience on Broadway. 


“Bringing the Power of the Performing Arts to Everyone”. Their motto says it all. Since the creation of the Theatre Development Fund in 1968, they are dedicated to doing just that. The causes TDF stands for include physical accessibility, cheap tickets, and the famous TKTS Booths. 

TDF funds several programs that promote audio description at select performances, open captioning at select performances, sign language interpreting at select performances, and several more.

The TDF also runs a few educational programs dedicated to promoting Broadway and performing arts to the young, up and coming audiences, including Young Playwrights, Commercial Theatre Institute, Introduction to Theatre, Wendy Wasserstein Project, Young Playwrights, Summer Playwrighting, Intensive Summer Teacher Seminars, Student Distribution, and the famous Create New York.

Drama League

They are widely known for organizing the annual Drama League Awards. However, their charitable and supportive work is also widely recognized. They offer several programs in order to make Broadway more approachable by offering careers, dialogue between all stakeholders, and support to the whole industry. 

The Drama League believes that young actors should take risks and make mistakes, thus providing solutions to existing problems, and that is why they provide support for the Broadway rookies. They strongly support creativity and advocate equality and better conditions for the actors. 

The Drama League takes a strong position towards racism and all forms of discrimination. They also then to pay respect to the Lenape Nation, who used to own the land where the Theater Center stands today.

The Broadway League Foundation

The charity wing of the Broadway League is dedicated to giving insight and increasing the understanding of the audience on issues regarding theater with the idea to promote conversation between stakeholders. 

The programs offered by the Broadway league foundation include Family First Nights, National High School Musical Theatre Awards, and The Broadway Speakers Bureau among many more. They are known for holding numerous large conferences discussing theater issues, as well as charity. Some of those events managed to gather $100,000 dedicated to aiding after Hurricane Katrina, and many more.

Everyone deserves to get a least a small piece of the wholesomeness that Broadway has to offer. And these organizations benefiting the audience on Broadway strive to do just that. That is why the cause of bringing as many people as possible closer to the stage (in regards to shows, but not only) is totally worth the effort. 

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