The life of the starting actor

The life of the starting actor is a hard one. You have to make constant choices and hard decisions. Sometimes you’ll have to make dear sacrifices in order to move forward.


Artists who work sensibly believe that they will get a big paycheck that matches that, but if you do that, there is a harsh reality that affects us all.

Those who find a job at short notice should fill their days with flexible working hours and temporary work, even if it is only for a few hours a week.

Don’t be flaky and constantly on call for your trade, and hopefully your boss understands that. When you get a role, you can’t plan to shoot for three days and wait until you hear back about the project you’re planning.

You’ll have to miss some events

I missed a baby shower and a round of auditions because I’m in the middle of a long-term relationship with my best friend’s baby.

It’s not that I like this kind of unpredictable life, it’s just that it’s worth getting a role in this thing. I hope you understand that these are honest victims and I am honest with you about how I got there this weekend and how it was. It makes you feel like you’re moving towards a certain goal, like the moment you become an actor.

Be a professional

When you are hired as a doctor, you become a doctor and you have to make sure you treat your first patient like that.

The only reason people see your job differently is because if you’re a recurring character on a TV show, you’re not the same job. The idea of success is based on the idea that you have to be successful in your profession and not just in your field.

It is important to remember that there is no linear growth in any profession and things happen when they happen. As an actor and a creative person, it means something different to me, but as a lifestyle, I aspire to, I think it applies to everyone, artist or not. Think for yourself and speak for yourself when you say: “I only want to support those who do what I love.

Feel relevant

Sometimes what you do may sound frivolous, but I cannot tell you how many times – intentionally or not – someone has made me feel that what I am doing is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I remember those same people getting into the car, turning on their favourite music channel and sitting down to read a book or watch a long-awaited film.

I am not represented, my voice must be heard and I must remind people to think about what their lives would be like without my cultural contributions. Whether you visit a museum or a play, art is more than just art itself – It’s about the people behind it and the stories behind it.


The life of the starting actor is also full of promise, expectations, and the dream of stardom. And life on Broadway can be harsh.

And now, you’re an understudy!