The Greatest Love Triangles on Broadway

Love isn’t a simple thing, especially on Broadway. Our favorite characters face a lot of different obstacles during their journeys, and the biggest of them are love triangles. Here are the greatest love triangles on Broadway!

Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton & Angelica Schuyler

When they get married, she fulfils her sisterly duties as a maid of honour and tells the audience how she really feels. Angelica is the one who introduces Eliza Hamilton, of course, but she spends the rest of the show suppressing her true feelings.

Elphaba, Fiyero & Glinda

She continues to marry someone and leave, but when she holds a press conference to announce a surprise engagement, she realizes that she is a fake witch and sets out to find Elphaba. When the pretty boy spends more time with our favorite green witch, he has a change of heart, and Fiyero and Glinda will dance together for life. Although I felt bad for her, my heart melted when the love birds sang and she eventually forgave him and even helped him take the first step toward happiness.

Marius Pontmercy, Cosette & Éponine

I hope you have not removed all your tissues yet, but I am sure you still need to do so.

Eponine is head over heels in love with Marius, but he has only eyes for Cosette and she is on her own. She plays a woman on the piano and helps him and Cosette to find each other, as well as her father in his quest for revenge.

It is a bittersweet ending for Marius and Eponine, who confesses her love for him when he dies in her arms. While I tried to hold back the tears, Cosette and Mius’ wedding gives me hope for a better time.

Christine Daaé, Raoul de Chagny & The Phantom

Her sweet voice wins the affection of her childhood friend Raoul when she unexpectedly becomes a student. We hardly notice that he is not the only one who likes them, and that the Phantom is ready to play dirty.

When Christine is willing to sacrifice her freedom for Raoul’s life, he changes his mind and sets her free. The triangle culminates in a dramatic standoff in which Christine decides between the two men. As we leave, we feel the tension between Christine and the Phantom, as well as the pain of her betrayal.


The greatest love triangles on Broadway highlight the relations between some of the greatest ever characters in iconic shows. They add the twist we need!

Shoutout to these talented ladies!