The Finest Musicals of the 2000s

The 2000s were one of the best times for musical theater. This decade produced some amazing shows. Here are the finest musicals of the 2000s!

“Avenue Q”

“Avenue Q” is what would happen if you took “Sesame Street,” “The Muppets,” and “Friends,” threw them in a very liquidizer, supplementary a heap of express adult content, and created the result into a theatrical musical. This human-puppet hybrid clearly takes vast inspiration from the aforesaid shows, even going thus far on rent ex-“Sesame Street” performers because of the puppeteers. However, in contrast to those shows, “Avenue Q” presents adult themes whereas additionally using vocalization and scenes of puppet sex. Yes, puppet sex. Does World Health Organization say Broadway plays it too safe? Despite its experimental nature and proscribing adult content, the play was a huge business success and is currently lovingly remembered united of the foremost distinctive and artistic endeavors on Broadway.

“Spring Awakening”

Like “In the Heights,” we will impart “Spring Awakening” for introducing North American nation to 2 massive names in Broadway and musical diversion – Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. They severally star as Wendla and Melchior, 2 sexually active teenagers in late nineteenth-century Germany. The musical is an associate degree adaptation of a nineteenth-century German play of identical name, that was extraordinarily polemical in its time for its open criticism of sexual oppression. whereas the content matter clearly wasn’t as taboo or attention-grabbing in 2006, the play still managed to get a lot of interest, associate degreed it went on to win an astounding eight Tony awards, together with Best Musical. Take that, prudes!

“Next to Normal”

Most people visit Broadway to possess a decent time and escape their troubles. Those individuals weren’t the audience of “Next to traditional.” It needed to “say one thing,” and say one thing it did. The musical with expertise tells the story of an insane mother as she and her family grapple along with her worsening manic-depressive psychosis. As you’d expect, the musical touches on complicated and mature themes, associate degreed it presents a sadly harsh and relatable outlook on the realities of contemporary community life. Not solely did this play take unimaginable thematic risks, however, Alice Ripley’s performance as Diana was universally lauded. consistent with the publisher Board, which awarded it the publisher for Drama, the musical “expand[ed] the scope of subject material for musicals,” and that we couldn’t agree on a lot of.


The finest musicals of the 2000s are really some amazing pieces of musical theater! They are well-beloved shows with multiple accolades.

They took Broadway by storm!

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