The Best Christmas Songs: A Playlist Without Mariah Carey

If you look at the number of tree lights that are already going up in the sky, it seems that we will round off the worst year ever when we reach Christmas 2020. Sales of streams of festive songs have risen 50 percent compared to the same week last year, led by Mariah Carey. Before you open your Advent calendar, you should include some of these lesser-known titles in your playlist. 

Luther Vandross – Mistletoe Jam Everybody Kiss Somebody

Vandross radiates the warmth and seriousness of Christmas, and the heartbreaking chord changes in the choir will surely convince Santa to bring some of you down the chimney. It’s the perfect song in case the heating is full and Santa is begging with you and your friends. This is one of the most popular Christmas carols of all time and Spears’ efforts have become part of the canon. 

But what is stopping this wonderfully festive song from getting the attention it deserves? Thankfully, Clarkson’s 2013 song has become a hit and is one of the best Christmas songs ever. 

Kelly Clarkson – Underneath the Tree

If you are the kind of person who likes Christmas, you can jump back and forth between the two in no time. If you’re trying to play sled bells, you might need a protein shake to recover your triceps. 

The biggest piece of Christmas rap is West’s last-minute shopping spree, spilling over into his favorite song. Taylor’s sublime chorus keeps your heart sparkling, and his raps about the joys of Christmas sound as if he’s in love with you. 

Leroy Carr – Christmas in Jail – Ain’t That a Pain?

The 1929 recording of the bluesman shows how you long for turkey and Christmas trees in your cell, and the beautifully blaring guitar plays the part of the perfect Christmas carol for the Christmas season. This strange, moppy song does not create a Christmas mood, but still carries a little spring in it and even shows a little touch of Christmas sparkle in the melody of this lament. Justin Broadrick’s song about getting dressed in his Jesus robe is sublime, with its wistful lyrics about Christmas and his love for his wife and children. A weird and moppy song, which doesn’t create a Christmas mood, but still carries a little wintry feeling. 

Low – Some Hearts (At Christmas Time)

This is a very different percussion – a free ballad in which Mimi Parker sings as if she has a comforting hand on one side. It’s a beautiful song about a snowy prairie in the middle of winter, and every time I hear the melody, tears come to my eyes. Christmas can be tough and this year will be new for many of us, but listen to Parker’s words: ‘This Christmas my heart is broken, it’s broken.

Here are the best Christmas songs in our holiday playlist. They carry the mood of the season in an excellent manner. And no, there’s no Mariah Carey in it!

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