New York’s Most Famous Murals

The mural is a piece of art painted directly on a wall, ceiling, or any other kind of permanent surface. Some murals are first painted on a canvas and then attached to the wall. These paintings have a rich history. They date back to the times of ancient Egypt. Many murals have been discovered on the walls of caves or tombs. Today murals have a key role in contemporary interior design. Grafitti artists also develop the art of murals and paint them over the walls of urban buildings or constructions. Let’s see which are New York’s most famous murals:

The Audubon Mural Project

The Audubon Mural Project is a collaborative work between the National Audubon Society and Gitler and ____ Gallery. The project is dedicated to the birds threatened by climate changes. It consists of the creating of a series of murals around Upper Manhattan that depict different threatened bird species. The main idea of the project is to raise awareness about all animals which are going to become extinct if the ozone hole continues to grow bigger.

World Trade Center

These murals prove that street art has become legit. They are painted over the foundation for 2 World Trade Center – a future skyscraper. The murals are bright and colorful – they aim to liven up this grey metal area. They are inspired by Pop Art and anime and their authors are Todd Gray, Hektad, BoogieRez, and Stickymonger.

Bowery Graffiti Wall

Bowery Graffiti Wall is located at the corner of Bowery and Huston Street in Manhattan Lower East Side. The first artist who painted over this wall was Keith Haring in 1982. Later the wall attracted many artists including Banksy, JR, and Shephard Fairey. Today it is still an inspiration and it is one of the favorite attractions in NYC.

Anthony Bourdain Mural

This mural is dedicated to Anthony Bourdain – an American celebrity chef who died in 2018. It is situated in the Lower East Side neighborhood where were Anthony’s favorite places to eat. The mural is created by the artist Bradley Theodore.

Gandhi and Mother Teresa Mural

This mural is painted on a building on 18th Street and 10th Avenue in Chelsea, NYC. The mural depicts Gandhi and Mother Teresa looking at each other as a form of gratitude for the great contribution they both made to humanity. The mural is created by Eduardo Kobra – a world-famous graffiti artist. Kobra has also drawn murals in honor of other important personalities as Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Tupac, and Bob Dylan. In New York, he has also created a mural of Michael Jackson located in East Village.

New York’s most famous murals are a vital part of the city’s artistic soul. Their fame has traveled all over the globe and rivals the one of Broadway. And here’s where the best actors of Broadway have studied.

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