Musicals Written by Women

Most Broadway musicals have been dominated by male creatives, with only a handful of female composers and a few female musical directors. But there is a new wave of musicals written by women that are taking Broadway, Off-Broadway, and the West End by storm. In this article, we have listed all musicals that contain creatives identified by both women and creatives. Here are the best musicals that are written by women!

Check out the list below, which lists some of the most exciting and exciting musical projects from around the world. Here is a short summary of all who have written a musical that you can listen to So you know what girls rule the world!


Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, which premiered in Vermont in 2006 as a folk opera, follows the story of Orpheus who ventures into the underworld to save his wife Eurydice. Greek myths have inspired countless Broadway productions, including Lysistrata Jones’ Xanadu. The eight-time Tony Award-winning musical is definitely a shining example of how myths can be told on stage.

After stops in Canada and London, Hadestown finally arrived on Broadway in 2019 at the Walter Kerr Theatre. The series was the result of a collaboration between Anais Mitchell and Rachel Chavkin when she worked with the future Hadestsown director Rachel Chavkin. Together, the two developed the album into a contemporary musical that premiered at the New York theater workshop. After a series of performances, it was immortalized as a Grammy-nominated album in 2010.

The Hadestown Company currently consists of Anais Mitchell, Rachel Chavkin, and Rachel Reeves as well as the original cast. Hagerstown will return to Walter Kerr Theater in 2019 as part of the New York Theatre Workshop’s limited-season 2018 summer season.

9 to 5

With icon Dolly Parton leading the charge, it’s no surprise that it’s an all-female team. Based on the 1980 working drama, Parton wrote the musical with screenwriter Patricia Resnick, who co-wrote it – and the original cast. This Broadway show is about how we make a living, just as 9-5 is about women’s issues. A trio of female colleagues is joining forces to radically change the way the office is run, demonstrating the power of a woman’s voice in the workplace and her power over her colleagues. But the prosecution should be more about the role of women in the workplace, not just in politics, but in business.


But there’s a new wave of musicals written by women that are taking Broadway, Off-Broadway, and the West End by storm, and it’s all about women.

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