Horrors on Broadway

Sometimes we need to fill a little chill to have our adrenaline levels rushing sky-high. We need a good scare! That is why Broadway provides some excellent ways to get us as scared as an adult can get! If you’re a fan of the horror genre, then this list is for you. Enter, the five best horrors on Broadway (and a cult classic that is currently off-Broadway, but we just can’t skip it!).


Lydia Deetz is a depressed teenage emo girl, who just recently lost her mother. She moves with her father to a new house. The house turns out to be haunted by Adam and Barbara Maitland, as well as Beetlejuice – a millennia-old demon, whose biggest sadness is that he’s invisible to the mortal eye. 

Beetlejuice’s a scheming, yet charming green-haired rogue with a Machiavellian, but a cheesy mind. When he learns that Lydia can see him, he puts her in every single of his plots along with the Maitlands. They have some fun scaring and chasing investors and girl scouts. But Beetlejuice is still unhappy because he can’t travel the world, scaring people globally. She tries to marry Lydia, but she is busy resurrecting her mother with the Handbook for the Recently Deceased. This plan backfires big time. She is sent to the Netherworld, where she meets Juno, who chases her in the living world, revealing that she’s Beetlejuice’s mom in the process. They have a stand, Juno throws him out, but he returns on a huge sandworm that eats her. 

The show is quite funny (like the most horrors on Broadway), really. It sheds light on the hard topic of losing a closed one, and teenage depression, but does it in a light-hearted manner that makes it pretty unique. 


One of Broadway’s long-standing classics, “Wicked,” is a multi-layered story of friends going enemies, governments going corrupt, and heroes going bad. 

The shows is super dynamic full of magic, mysteries, and can be a bit violent. Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, is blamed for basically all evil deeds in the Land of Oz by the corrupt government. They enlist Glinda, the Good Witch (Elphaba’s former best friend), to fight her. Fiyero, the Winkie Prince Fiyero supports his beloved Green Witch in her deeds. Things get rough in the end where the guards crucify Fiyero, but Elphaba manages to save him but in another form. In the end, she is “killed” by Dorothy Gale with water.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The Harry Potter saga made it to Broadway! It is as action-packed and full of magic, wizards, and iconic moments as it can be. 

Time-traveling and messing with the timelines can be legitimately dangerous. Especially when it’s done with a stolen Time-Turner. And by the highly-unlikely duo of Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. All this under the guidance of Amos Diggory, who wants to resurrect Cedric. 

As the two boys travel, the timelines they enter become darker and darker – Cedric joins the Death Eaters, The Auguery is ahead of the Ministry of Magic. Oh, and Voldemort wins the Battle of Hogwarts.

The boys are saved by Harry and Draco after they leave a message on Harry’s baby blanket. The two old rivals travel back by a more powerful Time-Turner to Godric’s Hollow.

Phantom of the Opera

A real whirlpool of emotions. What can be scarier than a mutilated genius, who was turned down by the love of his life, and now is on a magical rampage? Nothing, I tell you.

The beautiful Christine Daae falls for the equally handsome Raoul de Changy. And this leaves The Phantom, who appeared to Christine as the Angel of Music, providing her with so much help… empty-handed. 

The Phantom goes on a rampage in the Paris Opera House, killing a couple of people with high-tech gadgets so ahead in the future, that seems like magic to the people of the late 19th century. He manages to put Raoul on his knees, but Christine and her kindness manage to save him!

Little Shop of Horrors

Off-Broadway we go! You thought that the Phantom was scary? Have you seen a plant eating a human (Cady Heron has seen a snake eat a cow, but that’s not technically the same)?

What is this strange flower? Why did it appear after the sudden eclipse? Why did the Chinese guy sold it to Seymour Krelborn so cheap? Da-doo!

Well, it turned out to be a plant that feeds on human blood. Audrey II, named after Seymour’s beloved Audrey, isn’t doing pretty well until Seymour discovers that it feeds on human blood. Initially he refuses to bring real living people for the plant, but the plant demands it (with a human voice), promising fortune and fame in exchange. He accepts it all just to be with the real Audrey. And in the end, they are together… in an unexpected way.


We all need a good scare from time to time, right? These horrors on Broadway provide just that and even add in some deeper topics like love, friendship, the value of life, and death. Or some good laughs. Those are highly acclaimed shows, that are real, living Broadway classics. 

There is a lot to be seen beside the horrors on Broadway. Check out the real stories, and the best-dressed characters. And these TV shows, set in New York, always make us laugh!