Hamilton in mainstream culture

Hamilton” is the biggest thing on Broadway today! Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2016 smash-hit is the most sought-after play on Broadway. You can just barely find tickets and it premiered four years ago! With its super-hit status, “Hamilton” has jumped the border into mainstream culture. It recently premiered on Disney+, got a cult following among common fans and celebrities, and got tons of spoofs and parodies of both music, acting, and characters. Here are the best examples of Hamilton in mainstream culture. 


This platform is Disney’s addition to the increasing market of subscription video-on-demand streaming services. Disney+ provides its viewers to the best and newest movies of Disney, and the related brands of Pixar, Marvel, as well as National Geographic, and the Star Wars franchise. It got immense popularity by its Mandalorian series. 

“Hamilton” premiered on July the 3rd, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. It featured the original cast members of the play that won it big on the Tony Awards – Miranda himself as Hamilton. Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr (Sir!), Christopher Jackson as President George Washington, Jonathan Groff, and many, many more! 

The huge fandom

Like many cult-status shows, “Hamilton” got its fair share of a cult following. 

The first prominent fans were the Obamas, the First Family at that time. The story is as funny as it can get – Miranda was invited to a White House Poetry Jam in 2009. That is seven years before it premiered on Broadway! 

At first the audience laughed when the then 29-year old Lin said that he’s working on a concept album (it wasn’t even planned as a play back then) of the embodiment of hip-hop – Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. “You laugh, but it’s true!” said Miranda without even a notion of humor, contrary to President Obama’s smirk. He then proceeded to tell a summary of Hamilton’s story. He then, along with Alex Lacamoire, proceeded to present to the high audience the first version of “Alexander Hamilton”. 

As they say – the rest is history. It nearly equalized the record of the most Tony Awards in 2016 with 11 wins, one short to “The Producers”. The play quickly got its cult status, with many famous people from all spheres of society. The likes of President Barack Obama and the First Family, Jay Z and Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Hudgens, Meryl, Matthew McConaughey, Neil Patrick Harris, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez Julia Roberts, Kanye West, Daniel Radcliffe, just to name a few.

Spoofs and parodies

Like everything today, “Hamilton” is an object of multiple parodies. Just try to search YouTube and Google, and you’ll find tons of funny clips “inspired” by the show. 

Weird Al Yankovic released “The Hamilton Polka” recreating many of the original songs…in polka. The Muppets also had their take on the show. Kermit the Frog is Alexander Hamilton, Gonzo is Aaron Burr, Miss Piggy is Eliza Schuyler among the rest. Family Guy’s Stewie also performed “Alexander Hamilton” for his psychiatrist, but it sounded better when he was home. We’re sure that it did! After all, he’s known for his love for musical theater. Then there was the Star Wars mash-up, a song about the son of a queen and a Sith Lord that had grown up to be a Jedi and a hero. The popular YouTube channel released an “Elder Reacts to Hamilton” video. It has more than 4.5 million views up to now.  

“Hamilton” is still going as strong as it was on day 1. There were performances all over the world – a tour in North America, West End, Puerto Rico, Hamburg, one is planned for Sydney in 2021st. And I’m sure that it would conquer new and new cities. I’m also waiting to see what the fandom will produce in matters of fan art, spoofs, and parodies. After all, Hamilton in mainstream promises to be a huge and sounding success! 

“Hamilton” is a part of a long list of real stories on Broadway. You can also check the Horrors on Broadway. They are not based on real stories…I hope. Also, the cast of Hamilton is considered among the best-dressed characters ever! All of these are good reasons for the success of “Hamilton” in mainstream culture!