Broadway’s Favorite Couples!

There are many love stories coming to Broadway this year, but not all of them happen in two-and-a-half hours. Only real-life novels have been on Broadway for some time, and they’re about love, romance and friendship. Here are Broadway‘s favorite couples!

Audra McDonald and Will Swenson

She got a second chance in 2007 when she met actor Will Swenson, star of the Broadway revival of “Lizzies,” and he was her understudy in “Starbucks” (Lizzie’s Love). The two met when McDonald was nominated for a Tony Award for best actor in a musical for his role as the lead in the revival of 110 Shade. McDonald clearly saw him as a leader, but not, according to the New York Times.

The couple married in 2012 at their home in New York, but there was no sign of showmanship or fairytale ending.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Their first meeting was on a New York street corner when Harris met a mutual friend who was out with Burtka at the time. After meeting, the two decided to hang out as friends while watching the first season of American Idol. It became clear that the attraction between Harry and Sally was undeniable, but like Harry and Sally, their relationship eventually ended. When they first met at a friend’s house in the early 1990s, they were engaged for about two years, according to Harris.

As insecure as Harris was initially when he confessed his love to an insecure Burtka, he was finally able to express his feelings for her. Admittedly, Harris proposed the following year, but it was she who proposed on the way to the event. The pair have been together ever since, balancing a hectic career with raising their adorable twins Gideon and Harper, and they do it all in style. They are now proud parents to two adorable children – Gideon, 7, with his sister Emily, 4, and brother-in-law Harper.

Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson

You may remember Eli Wallach as the actor who turned out to be the Hollywood legend behind Holiday, but in reality he and his wife Anne Jackson are one of the legendary couples of American theater.

The lovebirds first appeared together on stage in 1946 when they were cast in a Tennessee Williams production. Two years later they married, had three children and had their third child. In fact, they met on stage not in the theater, but in their hometown of New York City.

They remained true to their mutual love on stage, often giving each other respectful feedback after each performance and continuing to look for ways to work together. They juggled parenthood and a career and were introduced by their friends and fellow actors Jeremy Wallach and Michael Jackson. The couple continued to act together and separately until Wallch died in 2014 and Jackson died of cancer in 2016.

Jeremy Jordan and Ashley Spencer

Their romance blossomed with the help of late-night karaoke, and the pair are now enjoying married life and a busy career. With fluent courage, Jordan banished her reserved side and married him in front of a crowd of friends and family.


Everyone has their favorite couple on stage, but my personal favorite has always been a couple who have gone through all the ups and downs and triumphantly reached their happy ending in a happy two and a half hours. Whether it’s a love story about a family, a romantic relationship or even a romance between two people, love stories remain an integral part of the theatre world. They can connect with the audience, overcome obstacles and even cause heartache as the show unfolds, all in the name of love. That’s what makes those people Broadway’s favorite couples!

Couples love dancing!