Author: Peter Yan

The life of the starting actor

The life of the starting actor is a hard one. You have to make constant choices and hard decisions. Sometimes you’ll have to make dear sacrifices in order to move forward.

The Understudies – Broadway’s Lovable Students!

When you are offered a role as an understudy, there is always a disappointment when something big is decided against you. The public sees these roles as programs, but sometimes it is hard to understand that one has a larger role to study. You look at the rejection and ask yourself, “What is this?” but ….  Read More

Black History Month on Stream!

There has never been a worse time to celebrate black art, but Black History Month feels like September’s work is as drastic as February’s. If we are looking for something new or returning to something we have seen before, we may find something to consider. If we haven’t seen it, it’s a memory, and if ….  Read More

Broadway’s Favorite Couples!

There are many love stories coming to Broadway this year, but not all of them happen in two-and-a-half hours. Only real-life novels have been on Broadway for some time, and they’re about love, romance and friendship. Here are Broadway‘s favorite couples!

Dance Numbers on Broadway

Five, six, seven, and eight Now the most popular dance numbers on Broadway, as well as one of the biggest hits on Broadway. In this list, we’ll look at some of the dances that will forever be part of Broadway’s history. We tried to cover as many different styles as possible, but some shows were ….  Read More

Live Theater Online: Best of Broadway on Stream

The pandemic crisis has had a devastating effect on the performing arts. Broadway has been closed at least until June, and the ban on large gatherings in New York has now extended to all other performance venues. Here are the best dramas, operas, dances, and singing and dancing performances you can watch in the country ….  Read More

Christmas Albums on Broadway: Christmas Mood on Tape

It’s time for a few Christmas carols, and Broadway isn’t disappointing, with a new pop-up branding that can be put under the tree. Check out our list of the best Christmas albums on Broadway in recent years, as well as some of our favorite songs from last year. 

The Best Christmas Songs: A Playlist Without Mariah Carey

If you look at the number of tree lights that are already going up in the sky, it seems that we will round off the worst year ever when we reach Christmas 2020. Sales of streams of festive songs have risen 50 percent compared to the same week last year, led by Mariah Carey. Before ….  Read More

The Biggest Rock Stars of New York City

New York City has undeniably produced some of rock music’s most iconic figures. After all, it is a gigantic artistic and cultural playground, where growling attitudes permeate every corner of the urban network. From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, the governing “rock” movement emerged from the heart of one of America’s largest and ….  Read More